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    5th Penang International Indian Shopping Festival
    5th Penang Internation Indian Shopping Festival 2013 Date: 7th ~ 11th August 2013 Venue: PISA Statium, Bayan Lepas, Penang Booth: 1021 Tanjore Art.. more
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    11th Global Indian Festival 2013
    Fine Art Gallery display booth at 11th Global Indian Festival 2013 Date: 5th ~ 9th June 2013 Venue: Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, KL Hall 2, Booth .. more
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Ganapathy Album

The incarnation of SARVA MAHASHAKTI for the well being of the world
The word ‘Drishti’ means sight, or what one sees. A natural or casual look at anything is harmless. But it is undeniable that the shafts of sight tinged with the element of jealousy have the power of destroying the thing or the person which they strike. This kind of a evil look is what is called in Tamil as Kan Drishti (evil-eye).
In the same way, a casual look at something does no harm. If the look bearing the evil qualities like envy, jealousy or any other wicked thoughts fall on an object or person, it as a destructive effect. This is known as evil look.
Thus, in short, people restorting to several such practices to protect themselves, their children or any of their belongings from the influence of evil-eye has been an ancient custom. This practice cannot be brushed aside as silly superstition. None of the practices of our ancients were without a meaning or significance. Experience alone can convince us of this truth.
Therefore, that this evil power of an evil look is something which has to be accepted scientifically is being explained today with proper proofs. The convergence of some wicked forces transforming itself into a magnetic wave capable of striking the victim at any unguarded moment is evil look.
Sri Shuba Drishti Ganapathy
This Almighty Drishti Ganapathyis the 33rd one of His various incarnations or forms.
He takes after Lord Vishnu as the holder of the Conch and the Discus (Shanku and Chakra); He is the three-eyed one, like Lord Shiva; He is a part of Mother Parashakti as He has the Trident (Tirusholam); and He wields the various weapons which all other Dietes have, in addition to the Mount Lion and the little mouse that keep Him company. In His warrior-like majestic form, this Mahaganapathy stands heroically on a fully blossomed lotus. The Nagadevatas revolve around His head, with darting flames of fire and with fifty one eyes; the Lord now stands in His cosmos grandeur, in His Viswaroopa, with His eyes staring with the force and ferocity of a Rudra.
It is only this Almighty Drishti Ganapathywho can kill the mighty demon of evil-eye and thus bring about well-being and prosperity to this world.
By worshipping the portrait of Drishti Ganapathyin homes all the influence caused by the cast of evil-eye upon the members of the family will vanish like mist before sunlight. Worship of this Lord in companies, factories, offices and shops will ward off evil influences and bring about great profit and prosperity. When worship is thus done at many places, the total effect of the vibrations in the ether will work as a force at the global level and thus protect the whole earth from evil forces and thereby bring about peace and prosperity to the entire humanity. Everyone should worship this Deity Drishti Ganapathy. All should come together and worship this Ganapathy and become the recipients of His Grace.
In homes, the portrait of this Deity may be put up on the wall facing the North. It can be kept in the prayer room or in the drawing room where it can draw the attention of all visitors to the house. In the same way the portrait can be put up in shops, offices and factories.
May the mighty Lord, Drishti Ganapathy, wipe off all the miseries of the people in the world who suffer as a result of the destructive influence of evil-eye or Kan Drishti, and bestow upon all, lasting peace and prosperity.



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